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RMX = remixed    D N C E = dance




How things work here!

The FAST TRACK changes music and artist as quickly as the panel of  DJ's rapport a change when the music moving up and down (always the upcoming song/Mix first )

and Yes... what moves arround in the world are we trying to make a perfect notice here...  just for you.

Onely good songs made for dancing cool people! 

The newest tunes, Top 100 songs to some of the older disco mix hits made new and cool for pleasuer beats

The world of music NEVER STOP!  

Everythings is on YOUTUBE just start looking!

Dj's from the UK, Germany, Norway, Spain and USA

You can alwso lsten to the internet Radio stations GayFm, USA Dance Radio, Dance UK radio, NRJ radio, Mp3 radio 

Good hunting for youre own favorite!

What my freedome gives me in life...  well, Im going to have Sex, a LOT OF IT... flirt and enjoy! and Im going to visit old and new friends,  JUST SAYING...  Go out in the city, drink alcohol and start dancing again.  Be intimous with the GIRLS and the boys on the dancefloor... 

Im going to start meeting new interresting  people, go clubbing, start working in open discos and bars...  just LIVE again!

We all have one life, so do the living supeb....

Enjoy the music, the bodys, the feelings  and youre mind.  Be Selfish anought to be a sexy CHIC  or a fucking cool Playboy, enjoy life!

What a woman!!


Im speechless, she wip my feet away. Sexy, beautyful, inteligent, soft and funny!


SEX thoughts, feelings and how it was?!

         YES.... I have kissed with my best friend... Everybody likes HIM a lot.

We acually kissed for many minutes, the other women and men at the party really notice it.

It was different, lots of mixt feelings and very good!

W O W...!

What a night!

Copiright all  fotos  ©  private imagens  t-dj.com

So.... What's important in life?

To be YOURESELFE, be cool enought to live an amazing life. Be gentl and oniest.. treat the people arround you like it shoud be "how you treat youreselfe".

Use youre POWER to change youre world.. good and bad, just change the nice, cool and SEXY way we live.

BE OPENMINDED and respect others for beeing different. It can accually make youre own life so mutch more powrful, better and great.

We don't need to be young, beautyful and perfect... Just nice, interesting and SMILE to people, just look them in the eyes and smile. The world will be so mutch HAPPIER,

Thanks for loving MUSIC!


I really want you guys to think about the attitude, the way we all make other people think about ourselfe.

WHO ARE YOU? (think about that alone in youre bed) and make notice of who you really are.Very different question... to acually know for youre selfe who you are in life. How do people see you and youre friendsaccept you as you are?Its very likely you too have a lot of fault, can act so mutch better then you think.

Unsure? ... start   T H I N K I N G !